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Making Your Own Christmas Ball Ornament Wreath

If you are wanting to design and make your own wreath for this Christmas season, you may want to consider making your own Christmas ball ornament wreath. Believe it or not, it is much easier than it sounds, and within just a half hour or so you should be able to create a lovely wreath that will look great in your home. You may even want to make several of these wreaths and give them away as Christmas gifts. These wreaths are great to make because you can use old ball ornaments that are not in the best of shape for your wreath. So, the following is how you can make your very own Christmas ball ornament wreath.

What You値l Need
There are quite a few things you are going to need if you are going to create a Christmas ball ornament wreath. First of all, you値l need a very simple pine wreath, which you can get at almost any store around the holidays. You will also need to have some pretty holiday ribbon as well to add to the wreath. Of course you値l need to have several different colors of Christmas ball ornaments as well. Some holly sprays, a cedar spray, some gold poinsettia stems, and some gold berry picks will be some added materials to get for the wreath. The tools you値l need to create the wreath include scissors, a wire cutter, glue sticks, and a good glue gun.

Creating the Wreath
Now that you have all the materials together, you are ready to make your own Christmas ball ornament wreath. First of all you are going to want to take the pine wreath and fluff it up into shape. Then you can take the holiday ribbon and wrap it up loosely. Be sure to use the glue gun to glue the ribbon into place so it will stay put. Then you will want to take the poinsettias and glue them on the wreath as well. After they are on, you値l glue the ball ornaments in various places on the wreath in groups of three. When you have the balls all glued on, then you are ready to add the holly sprays and cedar sprays to the wreaths. Last of all, add the gold berry picks on the wreath and make sure that they are glued on tightly.

Now that you have completed your Christmas ball ornament wreath, you are ready to hang it up. Pick a great place for your wreath, then hang it up and sit back and enjoy the beautiful Christmas decoration you have created this Christmas season.

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